For homeowners in the 716 area code, that want and deserve awesome insurance protection!

Better Home Coverage

More Coverage for the money you are already spending on your home insurance.

Bundled with Auto Insurance

You get the best deal when bundling your home & auto insurance together.

Umbrella Protection Too

Adding $1,000,000 (or $2,000,000) of added liability is important for people like you.

Sewer & Water Back Up

Water & Sewer Coverage

Very important when you have a finished basement or Man Cave or Theater Room or Wine Cellar….you need better coverage for this!

Own Rental Property?

Coverage for any rental property you own is very important in managing your risk. And having good liability coverage for your rentals is extremely important.

Rental Property

We represent YOU not an insurance company!

Taking care of your needs are what we are concerned with. That’s why we as independent brokers have 18 insurance companies at our disposal. We will find the right fit for your needs.

“I love using Larsen as my I surance agency! Everyone is ALWAYS friendly, helpful, and very responsive when I call the office. Not only WOULD I recommend them to others I DO whenever someone I know is looking to shop out their homeowners or car insurance.”

Erin Batten

“Donna made things very clear to us. She communicated well and did the leg work of dealing with our homeowners’ insurance. It’s nice to have a person to go to in this technologically advanced society.”

Leif Johnson

“The firm is responsive, good communication. Would highly recommend for investment real estate insurance.”

 Jay Coles., customer since 2015

Let’s work together to protect all the risk you & your family has!

One call is all it takes to make sure you & your family have the proper protection you need. Fast, friendly service, we’ll take care of switching everything over in a smooth, easy transition.