About Us

Our Story

Our agency started in 2003 but we have a combined 72 years of insurance experience in our office. Where we put people 1st – not an insurance company. That is why we are independent insurance brokers – having many, many choices.

No voice mail jail, you talk to one of us on every phone call and we help you buy insurance, we don’t sell it! You also don’t get a “one price fits all” policy that other’s sell. That is not for an upscale homeowner to worry about in the case of a claim. You’ll get our help in a claim, no calling a 1-800 claim number! That is what we are for.

We are driven by valuing our clients. Pretty simple really.

You and us live and work in the same town, our town of Buffalo, NY! Giving back to our community, volunteering and raising money for charities. Your hard-earned dollars don’t go to pay a huge salary to a CEO in another town! You are supporting people just like you, with basketball jersey’s, football equipment, cheerleading uniforms.

Serving the area’s top subdivisions, like:

Greythorne, Forest Green, Woodstream Farms, Spaulding Lake, Northwoods, Rivera Greens, Windstone, Heritage Path, Essex Greens, Spaulding Green

Creekwood Meadows, Evergreen Landing

Tom Larsen

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”