Dog Bite Claims and Homeowners Insurance.

Dogs & Homeowners

People never consider that when they get a new puppy or dog, that it could affect their homeowners insurance. Dog bite claims are on the rise and the claims come from the liability portion of your homeowners insurance. And a “standard” homeowner policy come with $300,000 of liability protection. What many homeowners aren’t aware of if the for $20 a year, they can up that to $500,000 of liability protection. And for $40 a year (approximately) they can go to $1,000,000 of covered claims.

In addition to increasing liability limits on the home, a personal umbrella policy could be bought for $200-$250 a year. What this does for the homeowner, is not only go over the home (and protecting little “Fido”) but it goes over your auto insurance, your boat insurance, your RV insurance, your motorcycle insurance, your snowmobile insurance. And if you own rental property, it would go over your landlord insurance too! Now the more items you own, the cost of umbrella insurance goes up but so does your peace of mind too, right?